lørdag den 26. januar 2008


It was the twins birthday, yaaaay! So I gave Barbara a BEAUTIFUL song in the morning. Or.. Something, ahem. 
We had bought tickets for "The London Dungeons" from home, so that was the first thing we went off to go to. The weather was playing tricks with us, and we couldn't decide if it would rain or nor, but of course the twins had been good all year so it didn't rain ;D 

Before we got to the dungeons we went to a bagle place for a quick eating session.. IT TASTED SO GOOD.
We then went to the Dungeons and god, it was so fantastic! At the beginning there were a very awkward actor and I was afraid that it would all be like that, but luckily it wasn't! It was so much fun, and so scary! I may have screamed a few times... maybe. And some of the actors was so hot, gosh my little single heart! XD 
In general there is a lot of beautiful people in London! 

After the Dungeons we weren't sure what to do, but we quickly decided on going to Baker Street as we all have a huge love for Sherlock Holmes<3 Barbara, Bára and Sasha went to the museum while Yoshu and I wandered the street for a bit, they got some cool stuff from the shop - jelly me!

After the Sherlock visit we headed off to Oxford circus, because our fave hang out place had a special offer; Free ceepes for birthday childrens! 
So of course we went there so the twins could get their free creepe.. and so that I could get my own good one, hur hur! 

After this we went to a HUGE Tesco to shop a lot of stuff with sugar so we could celebrate the girls<3
We bought so much... oh god I get sick by the thought of it! XD But it was fun~ And when we got home to the hotel, the manager gave us a bottle of vine to celebrate, so sweet of them! 
Oh and then my shoes died.. I had bought them for this trip, and they lasted like.. three weeks.. ò.ó But luckily I had my trusty converse with me!

Thus ended Thursday!

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