fredag den 28. april 2006

I am the type of Darlek (or human if you are not a Doctor Who tard) who gets very quickly excited about new projects, and want to get them done as soon as I have thought them trough.. 
That makes this planned/dream list very long, so I will try only to put on the realistic ones up here :)

 Series: Betrayal knows my name
Character: Hotsuma
(Got wig.. again)

Movie: Atlantis - The lost Empire
Character: The Queen

Series: Strawberry Panic
Character: Shizuma Hanazono

 Series: Vampire Knight
Character: Shizuma Hio
So here is a picture of my Belle cosplay! (Excuse the dim expression, I am bad at posing when my mother is taking the picture)

I am so stressed and nervous about svs right now D:
I really hope everything will go fine!

Belle is the cosplay I am working right now, as you could see in my previous journal.. 
BUT, I have already changed quite a bit on it.. I remade the blue dress, and is much more happy with it now! 
Also, I'm going to remake the white shirt I think ^^ 
But I am actually excited about cosplaying her now!
I will possibly be making her cloak as well.. ~

Here is some of the process with cutting out the fabric. I am really happy about the colour of the fabric~ I actually ran out of fabric when I decided to redo the dress.. but luckily my good friend Yoshu had some of the same fabric, yay! 
She will also be joining the Beauty and the Beast group, as the Enchantress~ (You can get a little sneak peek at that dress here, since I am so nice)

...No, this picture does it NO justice, don't worry XD


I am also making the costume for my Beast, and I have begun on the wig ^^ As you can see on the picture, I have added quite a lot of extensions.. It contains in all two wigs, and a lot of extensions~
It's so nicely thick, and will soon be styled! (Hopefully) As we won't be doing a attempt on Disneys Beast, but a more theatrical version ^^

And that's what I have to show of my Beauty and the Beast cosplay things right now, hopefully it won't take me long to get on with the costumes, so I can make an update again.. I have to use the site, now that Lavi has made this wonderful design! Thanks darling<3 

Well, see you guys :3

Samie, over and out~
So, Things are moving forward with our Beauty and the Beast cosplay~!
I decided to redo.. almost everything on my Belle dress, since I wasn't happy with it, and I now need to do my apron and shirt ^^ (And style ze wig)  And I am so happy that I redid the blue skirt on the dress, I like a lot more now~ And the underskirt is more cute and princess like XD;; 

The group has also finally gotten to work with talk about the act, and I am so excited about it all! I hope it will turn out as great as we plan it~! 
I won't spoil anything, but here is some pictures of our work on the costumes, and some things that I am making, as for the props in the act :D

Looking smexy, efufu~
Working on Gastons shirt.. To explain the red fabric XD
This is Barbara BD She is lovely and all~ She will be cosplaying Gaston as well as the prince~

Some WIP of the prop for our act that I am working on~
Can't wait to see what it will look like when it's finished!

Roses for the enchantress dress~

My Belle underskirt ^^


Here we have some of the progress, for the prince wig!
 What I did, was take a wig head, put a bag over it and place the wig on it. Oh and put a stick tot he head, and get that in my moms flower bed.. thing.... oh she was happy!
Anyway, I then put boiling water on the wig to get the lovely curls out.. (It hurt so much, the curls were amazing!) But the Prince would be... Kinda gay with them.... Moving on!
It still needs to get cut, which it will be as soon as I see my Prince again<3
And thanks to Lavi for telling me how to do it~

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ 

Omg... I am actually done with sewing Belle?!  YES! Well... I have to attach a bow to my wig, but I'm done with her~ Such a stone fell from my heart~ There is a lot of things that could be better on it, but I'm happy with it<3 The picture in the right bottom shows the lining (Have no idea if that's the right word in English..) that I made on the dress ^^ 
Oh and look at the adorable drawing Lavi made me! ;_; Almost had me cry tears of joy, it's so sweet..! I found it on my notes after she had visited me~

Yes I look like crap here, thank you XD Ignore my tired working face, and look at my wig~ I love it to pieces, and is so happy that my friend Nicklas, wanted to help me with it~<3

And talking wigs, here is the WIP for the Beasts wig! I am very happy with it so far~ And you can see some of the mask for it (; I hope it will all end good, yup yup!
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Finnished Costumes

I have a lot of unfinished cosplays, or some I don't even have pictures of. I would love to be able to have a full list on here, with all my costumes, but truth to be told I don't want to show it all, and some of it I don't have pictures of.. However, I will try to keep it in order, and have numbers on them. 

Every costume is different to me, some I love and some I hate, but that is life :)


Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Character: Belle
Cosplay number: 16
Used at: Going to be debuted at SVS-con 2011

Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character: Viking Denmark
Cosplay number:  15
Used at: Photoshoot

Game: Kingdom Hearts 2 - Halloween Town
Character: Halloween Saïx
Cosplay number: 14
Used at: Halloween 2010 ::VIDEO::
Series: Pandora Hearts
Character: Vincent Nightray
Cosplay number:12
Used at: ::VIDEO::

Manga: 2 Steps behind the Servant
Character: Gio 
Cosplay number: 11
Used at: J-pop con 2010

Series: Soul Eater
Character: Doctor Frank'n Stein
Cosplay number: 10
Used at: Genki 2010
Won: Alpha Omega price for this::ACT:: with Tati <3

Series: Kuroshitsuji
Character: Sebastian Michaelis
Cosplay number: 9
Used at: :: VIDEO::

Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character: Denmark
Cosplay number: 8
Used at: SVS-con 2010
Won: Best laugh ::ACT:: with Mara and Yoshu <3

Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Character: Dino Cavallone
Cosplay Number: 7
Used at: Hanami 2010


Series: Gravitation
Character: Taki
Cosplay number: 6
Used at: Photoshoot 2009

 Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character: Roderich / Austria
Cosplay number: 4
Used at: J-pop con 2009

 Series: Vampire Knight
Character: Kaname Kuran
Cosplay number: 3
Used at: Genki 2009 and ::VIDEO::

Game: Kingdom Hearts 2
Character: Saïx
Cosplay number: 2
Used at: SVS-con 2009