lørdag den 26. januar 2008


So again we had a day where we had bought tickets for something in advance, but this wasn't until 21.00pm so we had a whole day to do what we wanted, and of course we went on a quest to find a Doctor Who shop!
This was the first, and only day actually, where we had to buy an extra ticket to go with the Oyster cards we had bought from home. (A 7days travel card with zone 1 and 2, best thing I ever bought man!) But of course we had some trouble with these tickets and so, but seeing as this was the only problem we had with our transport we just laughed at it really XD 
We found the cute little shop, and good lord... They had so many sweet stuff! It was wonderful to be in there, as you could just tell how much the two who owned it loves the show, and treasured their things. They had a Dalek and a TARDIS in there, as well as a small museum with things from the shows *w*
From here we.. did.. something... erhm.. No wait! Before we got to the Who shop, we stumbled upon a cool market! I got a dress and a jacket from there, and Barbara got the most beautiful hair pieces! I regret not buying some hair pieces as well, murf D: 

After the Who shop (it came back to me now, hur!) we went to KFC, cause I've never tried it before XD .. it was.. greasy. And we were noisy and loud as always. From there we went back to the hotel as I recall.. and we were SO tired.. GOSH.. I really didn't want to go anywhere, but I got myself together and we took of to Trafalgar Square.

We had bought tickets for something called "Ghost bus tour" which is a tour bus, focusing on blood and horror stories - it was so much fun! The guide was fantastic, and the actor on the bus had Barbara as his big victim, yay! We got to see Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Fleet Street (Sweeney Todd's street), the monument for the Great Fire of London and much more~

So after this, back to the hotel AND THUS ENDED FRIDAY.

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