søndag den 4. juni 2006

The reason why I want to cosplay Gothel, is that I fell in love with her at first sight. She is such a bitch, and I really do have a weakness for those characters!  
I adore the voice actor, Donna Murphey, for being able to bring her to life in her greatness, and I hope I can do her justice.

I actually bought the fabric for Gothel way back in.. February maybe? But I didn't have time to get started on the cosplay until after svs.. Oh, I've already bought fabric for the under skirt two times.. Cause I wasn't happy with the color xD Oh and two wigs! yay me for being too quick to buy something...!


I have cut out all the piece for the red dress - expect the sleeves - and this is what it looks like, chunked onto my mannequin! ... Not pretty, I know.
Bbut I l o v e this fabrics color!(Which you can't really see in this light, because it's late and a horrible picture XD)
But I'm sure it will end up looking good~ 

On the two photos to the right, you can see the stencil I have made - with help from Emi who drew the stupid pattern on Gothels dress for me, thank you dear! - and the test I did on a bit of the fabric.. I am not sure if I am going to make the pattern onto the dress.. afraid of ruining the whole thing >_<
But before I can get anything really tested, I have to get some fabric dye.. Cause this was done with acrylic xD 

There is not much else to say, hope you found this just a bit interesting (;