tirsdag den 29. november 2011

The big thank you speach

Okay, so for a long time I have been wanting to write a proper J-popcon report! Or.. just share more thoughts on it guess.. But it isn't until now I feel I can actually express myself properly xD

Be warned; Lots of sobbines  gratitude ahead!

Okay so, actually all of this started long before J-popcon itself. Yoshu and I started working on our cosplays in end august, where we went on the first big shopping spree of fabric and stuff. From there on we started with the act and all that.. but I don't really want to go into detail about all that, as it really isn't interesting xD 
The thing I wanted to point out from this, is that already here we had wonderful friends who helped us! Not just with act, costume and all that, but also just by being there and listening when I whined and all that<3 So a big thanks goes to Bára, Barbara, Lavi, Sørine, Emi and Shinji, just for the listening, love you guys!

Seriously, I can't say how much all of my friends have helped me, and my parents too! I consider myself SO lucky, to actually have parents that thinks what I do is cool and loves to help me.. how lucky can a person be?<3 My dad helped a lot with the construction of our prop, and I love him for that! Cause the thing I had plan to begin with, was... yaerh just plain stupid XD 

So.. jumping forward in time, and going to J-pop. Friday was for once really nice and laid back! For once we didn't have to go to a cosplay meeting, didn't have to get something filmed and well.. we had the day off! So we just walked around, meeting friends and having a good time<3 We also went to the dealer room, and gosh it was so awesome this year!! All of my friendshad so effing rocking cosplays on this day!

Some of them ;D

And then we go to saturday.. oh what a day! I can't say that much about it really, I don't know how the hell to use my words! Once again my friends showed how amazing they are, by just being there to help us ;w;! The biggest thanks have to go to Emi, Barbara, Lavi and Sørine who just ran after anything we asked them too, and without making a fuss of it! And a HUGE thanks to my dad who drove to Copenhagen with our stuff, on his birthday<3 LOVE YOU DAD! 
Seriously, it wasn't just the girls mentioned above here that helped us, pretty much everyone backstage was having a good time, and willing to help each other which just makes me happy! ONE HAPPY COSPLAY NATION.

The show was fantastic this year, and I'm sad I didn't get to see more of it! See.. because of my huge ass bow, and dress, I couldn't sit on the chairs in front of the stage, so I was sitting out at the side of the stage.. so from the side, it looked good!

I had absolutely no time sense that day, and  I had barely eaten.. so when it came to the award ceremony, I was SO tired and hungry, that I was almost sleeping.. Like... yaerh OTL I think Mara was there to keep me on my feet x'D But when all the winners started to get announced I woke up, cause I had to clap and scream like crazy! All the winners deserved it, and I am SO proud of all my friends who won!!<3<3<3 (In general, I am just very blessed with amazing friends.. LOVE!)
And then the biggest surprise of the evening; YOSHU AND I WON WCS QUALIFICATIONS!! 
First thing that happened when they announced it, I just remember screams from people around me - and then a sea of arms hugging me X'D ... and then I started to sob. Muhaaaa. 
We went on stage and got out prize and got to thanks the judges and.. well jaerh just be awkward on stage, yay!
After this we were so tired an confused, oh and looking awful, so of course we had to out for a dinner with a lot of beautiful people x'DD But it was super cozy, and I got to talk to some of the judges<3 LOVE YOU~

So... let this be the end of a huge ramble about loving people~!