lørdag den 26. januar 2008


The day started early, with us getting up at 4.30am in the morning to go the airport. My dad was so kind to drive us, and we got there in good time and checked in without any problems~ We weren't really tired, just excited about going as one can imagine. 
The flying went perfect as well! I really like flying actually, but it can get a bit uncomfortable to sit there, so I got a bit nervous thinking of when we have to fly for 16 hours to Japan... But, that's long from now so let's keep our minds on London! 

The benefit of flying so early was to see this beautiful sunrise! Gosh it was pretty!

We went from the airport to our hotel which was in Kensington Olympia. It was a bit of a tricky trip as we had our huge suitcases to battle with trough the tube and by bus, but we got to the hotel and it was so sweet and lovely! And most importantly: CLEAN. XD

We had two rooms because we were so many, so Barbara and I shared a room and then Bára, Yoshu and Sasha shared the other room. Pictures of the big room above x'D

Some of the hotel~

Where was I... oh yes, after we arrived at the hotel we took of to Oxford Circus to find two shops in particular - "The Forbidden Planet" and "Screenface". We ended up wandering on the streets for some time because of all the great shops, and all of a sudden we just had a drop in mood because of lack of food.. X'D
So we quickly went round looking for a place to eat, and just as we thought we would never find a spot, we found the greatest spot that really became our little place to go xD
We found the shops after some hours and Sasha and I got pretty poor buying all kinds of wonderful fandom stuff<3 Doctor Who and Harry Potter in particular :D (Pictures of stuff will come later on) I also got some stuff that will be used for cosplays and WCS, hurhur! 

After our shopping spree it was about 19.00 so we had been up for quite some hours and finally got back to rest at the hotel. 

Thus ended our first day in London :D

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