onsdag den 11. april 2012

 I swear!

And I can finally show some stuff to you guys! This is a cosplay I am working on for SVS-con this may :D 
You may have noticed I have a slight affection towards Disney and all that comes along with it *possesedCOUCGHpossesed* - SO ... YES, another disney cosplay! Come on, it's a tradition for my SVS conventions ;D

Anyway, I will be cosplaying as Esmeralda from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" - a character I love very much. So much spunk and awesomeness, HELL YES. (I have a thing for power women, who doesn't want to have that kind of courage?)

First of we have a extremely sexy picture of me in the skirt. Sweaters and skirts, it so works.
It was a very simple skirt to do, just a full circle cut out of fabric I have had lying around since... 2009 I think. But hey, it's fantastic to actually make a cosplay where I have not bought one single new thing. Only goes to show how much fabric and stuff I have around my room...
Anyway where was I... oh yes, simple circle skirt with elastic band at the top . SKIRT DONE SIR.

This is the underbust in it's progress. As mentioned before, none of the things I used for this cosplay was bought for this particular cosplay, the green fabric here was something I used for a headband last year. Now, that is very thin lining (I think that's  the right word?) fabric, and therefore it wouldn't have had enough power in it to actually sit proper on its own, so I put it on top of some stronger and more "hard" white fabric, to stabilize it. Next thing was just to put the gold stripes on, which I believe I did with glue... If I remember correctly. I then secured the bottom and top with some green "ribbon" ... Someone is in the need of a dictionary here.
The last thing I did was to sew on some small "hooks" (Where is that dictionary?!) at the back of it and it was ready to go!

Here a picture from before the underbust was properly cut to shape, and the start of the.. other prupe thing...
Oh and the shirt of course >D
The purple thing thing, from now on known as Steve, was made out of a half circle.
I made the shirt by altering a shirt pattern I have from school. I am not 100% satisfied with the puff in the sleeves, but I didn't have more fabric to change it, and it's not a fatal flaw, more just my personal taste in the game x'D

The wig is a old one I had bought for Mother Gothel, but for her it didn't have enough curls or "PUFF" .. But for Esmeralda it was just perfect! Her hair is puffed up the back, and to achieve that look I made a small "pillow" in the form of a half moon stuffed it with cotton and then sewed it onto the wig.
To cover it up, I cut off some lanes of the wig - not so much so that the wig would collapse - and glued those on top of the pillow.

Here you have it pretty much done! I want to make Steve a bit shorter though. Oh and the coins on the Steve is made out of FIMO clay, with carvings of a cross and some random pattern I made, painted with gold and black paint.
 But yes, done Wig, shirt, underbust and skirt - and I love it! 
There's nothing like being a Disney gal ;D Now just have to get a photoshoot done it this baby X'D
Also had a little make up test.. Where I was so lazy to only put in one lense, so retard pose for you guys!

That's all for this time - hope that I will be more active in the near time!
Allons-y my ducklings ~ May the odds be ever in your favor<3