onsdag den 29. februar 2012

A very happy unbirthday!

Oh no wait.. this actually WAS my birthday BD Or, the 24th of february was. But I have been to lazy to update my blog... agaaaain.But what, I don't really think people read this anyway x'D
Anyway - it was a very nice day! I got my present from my parents the day before my actual birthday, because my dad was going to Barcelona the next day with work.. lucky bastard! 
But I got some great presents from them! At the moment I have no money at all, and that bugs me quite a bit seeing as I want to save up money for my Japan trip xD But they gave me some money for it ;w; And a travel book for Japan as well! aaand a sweet little book with japanese drawings in~

Oh and look at that sweet Sherlock Holmes drawing! It's actually one dear Lavi made me two years ago~.. Two years... urgh time flies! And you can see one of the shelves I've put up in my room here as well :D Needed somewhere to put more of my film replicas and treasures X'D Will take a picture of it one day! 
.. Where was I? Oh yaerh! So my mom was super sweet and made a complicated meal I had asked for, thanks mommy~ 

The next day was really nice and relaxed - the way I like it! I baked a cake, got my room cleaned a bit, and then went to Roskilde with my mom to buy some fabric I needed for a WCS costume. After that we went to our local shopping mall, where I got a lot of new clothes - oh yaerh! And after that she forced me to this "fish spa" thing, where we had small fish eat our feet... God lord it tickled so much I thought I should die, and mind you I'm not that ticklish!
Later on Yoshu came by and gave me a present too :D A present I have waited a month to find out what was, since it arrived at her house while I was there haha X'D It was a wig for my parade costume, more WCS stuff man, and it's so pretty~! I had actually teased her and said she in no way would dare to buy  me a wig before I had given it my approval, so she was nervous that poor thing x'DD But I love it!
Lavi had made me the most adorable video and... urg yes I cried XD<3 And as if all of this wasn't enough, I also got so many sweet notes and messages from people wishing me a happy birthday, thanks to each and everyone who wrote me!<3 

Oh! Besides all these awesome gifts I got on the day, I had also received amazing gifts before! In London Barbara gave me a ticket to "Les Misérable" where we got to see two of our favorite west end stars!! MUCHO LOVE ON YOU GIRL! And as if that wasn't enough, she got me "Much ado about Nothing" a play staring my absolute favorite actor, Mr. David Tennant! And the always gorgeous Catherine Tate! So this has been watched maaaany times now:D
So on saturday I will be hosting a birthday brunch for my family, when my dad finally comes home X'D And that is what is going on with me at the moment >D 

Oh wait! Actually had another thing to share as well X'D You see, these days I have a truly messed up body clock and the past days I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps, so I was up at 3am this night, and decided that I had to much Harry Potter stuff on my walls, and that I wasn't satisfied with this painting: 
So I got it down and started painting over it.. I didn't aim for something perfect, it was just a spur of the moment thing and I wanted this on my wall, cause it's a saying I will be using a lot in my life from now on I think :) 

So now this hangs in the corner and makes me smile<3
So, if you feel depressed and down - stop and be awesome instead ;D
(YES I just called myself awesome. My blog, my rules!)


onsdag den 22. februar 2012

Hold On To Those Dreams!

HUR - So what have I been doing these past.. 2odays is it? Good lord - bad blogger I am! 
Anyway I have been home most of the time to be honest X'D My school is off at the moment, so I have had a lot of time to work on cosplays! And it's driving me nuts by now.. Being locked in your room, is only fun the first three weeks... seriously. 
BUT luckily I have amazing friends who occasionally have come over and kept me company, and I have been out of the room.. a few... times... To get food... Yes. 

No actually, last weekend I was at a party at Le Mustache house - which was totally great<3 We had a fun time drinking and being silly :D It was a themed party, and I decided to go as an elve.. thing x'D 
  Scary thing was, I was writing with my good friend Lavi while doing my make up, and right as I was putting my ears on, she announced that she was going for an elve look as well.... We think too much a like! ... I look so naked in that damn picture >:C
Heres a not naked BD With the hair done too!

Other than making WCS cosplay - ... Have I even talked about WCS here? I don't think so oo Shame on me! ... That, will be another time XD 
Anyway, besides making those cosplays, I have been on a huge Disney hype.. same time as last year, maybe it's a winter/spring thing? Anyway, I'm so excited about Disney, and I have like a hundred costumes I want to make from there *q* Oh money, Y U NO HERE?

I wish I could show some of the things I have been working on.. But they secret.. So.. Sorry BD

ANYWAY - Hope it won't take me that long to write here again! .. Actually I know it won't, cause it's my birthday on friday.. So I will be showing of presents - HUR!


fredag den 3. februar 2012

Zap! Nearly didn't avoid that hit. OH! Run, run for your life and don't look back! 
Run as fast as you can, and - .. Okay you should have kept your eyes on that big pile of tomatoes.

I have been inside my own room for a week now, watching exciting adventures on my telly.. It makes a girl a bit crazy, okay? So yaerh.. I may have had a little adventure on my own, when I finally came out of my closed up box... In Netto...
To be fair, it was great fun actually! Until I walked into the stag of tomatoes... Okay - moving on! 

Or really not moving on, kind of the same topic or the reason for my little adventure run. You know that feeling when you are watching a really good film, the feeling of all your adrenalin pumping and the need to be part of the awesomness you are seeing? Yaerh, try sitting 5 days straight on with that! It really does something to my head, and god.. It just reproves my love for TV, films and the magic in it! From when I was about 10 years old I wanted to be a film director.. I actually thought my love for this business had lifted off, but nope.. I found it again! And.. I am just writing here to tell whoever may be reading this, that I some day will be working with film/TV<3 Be it as runner, actor or director.. I don't care, I just want to make magic man<3
So - hope all of you is having a good life, if not.. Change it (;