fredag den 18. februar 2011

Disney cosplay

~*~Time for an update~*~

As you guys can see, my layout has been changed, I am so great full for my great friend Lavi, who've done it!<3 
It looks awesome, I think ;D She's is a truly talented girl, so go take a look at her blog ::HERE::

Belle is the cosplay I am working right now, as you could see in my previous journal.. 
BUT, I have already changed quite a bit on it.. I remade the blue dress, and is much more happy with it now! 
Also, I'm going to remake the white shirt I think ^^ 
But I am actually excited about cosplaying her now!
I will possibly be making her cloak as well.. ~

Here is some of the process with cutting out the fabric. I am really happy about the colour of the fabric~ I actually ran out of fabric when I decided to redo the dress.. but luckily my good friend Yoshu had some of the same fabric, yay! 
She will also be joining the Beauty and the Beast group, as the Enchantress~ (You can get a little sneak peek at that dress here, since I am so nice)

...No, this picture does it NO justice, don't worry XD


I am also making the costume for my Beast, and I have begun on the wig ^^ As you can see on the picture, I have added quite a lot of extensions.. It contains in all two wigs, and a lot of extensions~
It's so nicely thick, and will soon be styled! (Hopefully) As we won't be doing a attempt on Disneys Beast, but a more theatrical version ^^

And that's what I have to show of my Beauty and the Beast cosplay things right now, hopefully it won't take me long to get on with the costumes, so I can make an update again.. I have to use the site, now that Lavi has made this wonderful design! Thanks darling<3 

Well, see you guys :3

Samie, over and out~