lørdag den 26. januar 2008


I forgot which day I saw the poster of this days special event, but anyway! I had seen the poster of "Doctor Who Experience" on a bus and decided to investigate it when we came home, and here I discovered that this lovely exhibition of DW love, was TWO blocks from us! A SIGN FROM GOD I SAY. So we bought tickets for Sunday and here we went as the first thing on the day. 
It. was. so. good.!!
There were so many children and it warmed my old heart to see how much they loved it~ There were even some of the kids that was dressed as the doctor, baaaaw<3 It started of so awesome, I don't even! We got into a room where a trailer started playing with clips from the new series, and I just fell in love with it.. I actually haven't seen the two new seasons yet, as I have been so heart broken since the 10th Doctor, but this just made me want to watch it immediately!
Now, I have actually watched the first episode of season 5, and thank god I have, cause that made the ending of this trailer thing, that more epic. I had noticed that there were cracks on the wall, and I smiled to myself of the ironi in that. (To people who haven't seen the first episode of series 5, it's about a crack on a wall, which is a crack in time and space. If I remember correctly, ahem.) 
But yes, the trailer thing ended with the crack being visible in the video, and then it started turning until it fit the on on the wall, and then it freaking opened! I almost gasped man! We then walked in and there was a lot of stuff from the new series and what not~ Okay, so to sum it up and not have all this be about Doctor Who, we were more or less part of the series in some amazing sets and with special filmed scenes for it until we got to the "museum" part that had lots of the costumes AND... The 10th Doctors TARDIS interior set! ;w;!! With his last scenes playing on the wall... Weep weep weep!
Loved every minute of it <3

After this awesome thing, we went to Trafalgar Square to be true tourists and go see Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace. We didn't go into the places.. actually don't know why, just never crossed our minds XD We just walked around enjoying the beautiful buildings and scenery~

Thus ended Sunday!

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