lørdag den 26. januar 2008


This day was one of those I looked most forward too! Ever since I started dreaming about going to London, I've always wanted to see Camden Market! I truly have a weakness for shopping and markets in particular, I just love the mood of the streets with sellers, the special items you can find and I could go on. Anyway, you've properly guessed by now that we went to Camden Market. The weather was a bit cold but besides that it was really nice, and it only took my about 10min there until I bought a shirt. 

We walked to Camden Lock and wandered around for some time, until the place became too crowded and I became too stressed. See, I pretty much always stress about stuff when I have something to do, and this night Bára, Barbara and I were going to see "Les Misérable"! With two of my favourite musical actors, yay!! *w* I got the ticket as a present from the lovely Barbara, thank you so much honey, love you! 
Where was I.. yes, we went back to the hotel so the twins and I could get ready to go to Picadilly Circus and find the theatre~ 

Barbara and Bára looked so hot man, I don't even >D Sadly we don't have pictures of it OTL;; Here's some of Chinatown instead~

As we were lurking around the stage door, waiting till the time come to go in, a figure walked by us.. and of course I didn't see anything, and then all of a sudden Bára stops and stares at him, and she realizes it's Ramin, the lead role of the play! *w* We all got head over heels, the twins especially X'D<3, and it lifted the mood very much! 
It was such a fantastic show, and I would gladly watch it again! I actually heard some of the most amazing singers live, GOSH! Can't wait for my dvd with the 25th anniversary concert to arrive D:

After the show we went home, and thus ended saturday as well!

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