lørdag den 26. januar 2008


Yoshu had to go home this day, because she had exam the next day D: So we decided to go to Kensington Gardens until she had to go to the airport. Why Kensington Gardens you might say? We chose this garden because there is a statue of Peter Pan there *w* 
As we got to the park we wandered by this lake.. where there was a s*** load of birds, and Barbara decided to go feed them, which ended up with all the girls, feeding the birds and me taking pictures of it xD

After they had fed every animal in the park we took of to Victoria station, and from here Yoshu went to the airport alone. The rest of us decided on going to Oxford street, once again, and here I bought yet more stuff x'D AND now for one my lives most lucky moments! As stated in an earlier post, think it's Sunday, I fell in love with the new series of Doctor Who and wanted to buy them.. But as the season 5 box was 50£ at the Doctor Who shop I wanted to wait till we got back to this huge DVD store on Oxford street. I had already bought loads of movies one of the other days, but what can I say.. I love movies!
Anyway, we got back this day, and the box was there, put down from 52 to 30£! yay~! And I found season 6 which was 60£...Ouch... but I got those boxes and a christmas special and went up to pay. As I paid for it, I did notice that the amount wasn't as much as it was supposed to be, but it was only when I walked away and looked at my bill that I saw I had gotten season 6 for 6£ instead of 60!! YAY!!
I got two seasons and a special, for 45£, less than what one season normally costs alone! LML<3

And thus, Monday<3

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  1. My fandom cannot handle! /ALMOST CRYING HERE, SO NOT COOL

    1. Bwaaah Kami<3 Vi sendte dig kærlige tanker!