lørdag den 25. august 2012



Just felt like that needed to be stated. After soo many days of feeling like a run over marsbar, I am finally getting better. Physically and mentally.  I have been home from Japan in about two weeks now, and yes I know, shame on me for not writing in here. But I'm so tiiired at the moment. Pretty much right after we got home, the Danish convention Genki was held, and it was way too close to the WCS. But it was nice to see all my friends, and to get to wear one of my new cosplays - Winnowill from ElfQuest! There's some things I need to redo on her and I need to restyle the wig, then I'll go on a shoot with her :D
But anyway, I hope that I can get myself together and actually blog about the WCS at a point.
Yup, that was pretty much all from me at the moment. I'll try to change some things here on the blog and just blog in general, ahem. 

.. okay because I have been so absent I'll share some photos that the amazing Silas Kappel Staal took of me and my cosplaypartner Yoshu in over WCS Championship costumes, before we left for Japan :D 

Series: xxxHOLIC
Characters: Maru & Moro

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  1. Love iiiit :D
    looking so pwetty. and yes im on blogspot at 5 in the morning (looking for items for my samie altar) OHOHOHOHO

    no but seriously I love these costumes, wanna see them irl so bad :(

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