mandag den 23. juli 2012


Where did all the time go? What is all this? Where..what.. I... Jesus Christ it's all so close!

Okay so you might have gotten the point that I can't really grab the idea, that WCS is only three days away. It's been such a long journey, just to get to this point, and I am such a mix of feelings. All of my costumes and stuff are done, so I'm not stressing about that.. and we have practiced out performance quite a lot, so I'm  not that nervous about that either. It's just the sudden pressure I'm feeling of going there and people saying that they think we'll do great in the championship is bugging the hell out of me. I have heard people say they think we can get a high placement, and that scares the hell out of me. I don't want people to have expectations to us, we won't bring the same skit or the same costumes and just.. just no xD So I'm trying my best to just focus on the fact that I'll get to meet some amazing people with CRAZY cosplay skills! And get to meet so many new great people and have an awesome trip to a new country :D ... But geez I'm so scared haha x'D I just don't want to feel like I failed.. urgh.

Anyways, I'm using my free time before the WCS to clean the house, play some games and do some ugly sobbing because I'll miss all my friends so much</3 Wish I could have all of them with me for support.. And as personal slaves. IT'S GOING TO BE TOO HOT OVER THERE. But luckily we have one of the most amazing people I know, with us. So it won't be all bad<3

I think I'll make a huge WCS journal about every day when I get back, maybe while I'm there.. mostly for my own sake, so that I can remember everything in some years time, but also if you're WCS interested :)

Okay so.. that was a small peek of what's going on inside my little confused head. Happiness, excitement, scaredasshit and just.. yes everything really XD

I hope you're having a good summer~!

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  1. Det her er din oplevelse, din præmie og du har bare at nyde den <3 Skide vær med hvad andre forventer af jer, de eneste forventninger der virkelig tæller er jeres egne!

    1. Tusind tak<3 Du har ret.. Kæmper for at banke det ind i min knold!