fredag den 25. maj 2012

You may have noticed that my pretty little picture to the left changed - yup - new cosplays! 
And besides Twisted Esmeralda which I have on showcase over there, I also debuted another costume recently. 

Katniss Everdeen - Hunger Games

So here you have some progress pictures and - oh, what do you know.. some small photoshoot pictures as well, with just about the best Peeta ever<3 

 The bow is one I bought from Faraos Cigar and then painted. It was black before.
 The arrows were some that my ever so faithful cosplay partner Yoshu gave to me, from her Natalia cosplay. I took the awful pointy ends of (I'm allowed to say that, I'm the one who made them for in the first place) and made some new nifty ones in wonderflex! Really happy about the result. I'm not good with props, but working on it!
The quiver is made out of a tube for posters that I got at the postoffice, covered with fabric and then very quickly painted. Now, the paint job on is HORRIBLE. It's made in a day, so what can you do, time pressure! The strap for it is an old belt I had.
The "glass" looking feather thing, is made out of Plexiglas which I was lucky enough to get help with from my dad. It took me half an hour to make one, then he and a friend came in and made like.. 15 in 10 minutes... But they also used the right tool so I didn't stand a chance.


So that was the progress of this cosplay. I really hope plan on making more of her outfits in the nearby future. I'm so in love with these books!
Anyway, as I said, here are some photos from a small photosession we had at SvS con.
Photos by the amazing Zarsu

Peeta is the amazing Bára<3

Oh and the location was a freaking BUSH. And Zarsu made that look like a forest. She got skills I tell ya!
I also had an amazing Effie Trinket with me that day, but we didn't get any pictures together ;_;
But she'll be cosplaying Finnick at a point, so I'll get some photos with her then! And we'll have a Effie there too! ... It's my plan to make everyone I know cosplay from this series. 

And that was it for this time!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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  1. I really adore these pictures of the two of you - and a bush has never acted as a better forest - oh the power of camera tricks <3

  2. You look amaaazing! Loove the photos! I love you! <3