fredag den 3. februar 2012

Zap! Nearly didn't avoid that hit. OH! Run, run for your life and don't look back! 
Run as fast as you can, and - .. Okay you should have kept your eyes on that big pile of tomatoes.

I have been inside my own room for a week now, watching exciting adventures on my telly.. It makes a girl a bit crazy, okay? So yaerh.. I may have had a little adventure on my own, when I finally came out of my closed up box... In Netto...
To be fair, it was great fun actually! Until I walked into the stag of tomatoes... Okay - moving on! 

Or really not moving on, kind of the same topic or the reason for my little adventure run. You know that feeling when you are watching a really good film, the feeling of all your adrenalin pumping and the need to be part of the awesomness you are seeing? Yaerh, try sitting 5 days straight on with that! It really does something to my head, and god.. It just reproves my love for TV, films and the magic in it! From when I was about 10 years old I wanted to be a film director.. I actually thought my love for this business had lifted off, but nope.. I found it again! And.. I am just writing here to tell whoever may be reading this, that I some day will be working with film/TV<3 Be it as runner, actor or director.. I don't care, I just want to make magic man<3
So - hope all of you is having a good life, if not.. Change it (;

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