onsdag den 22. februar 2012

Hold On To Those Dreams!

HUR - So what have I been doing these past.. 2odays is it? Good lord - bad blogger I am! 
Anyway I have been home most of the time to be honest X'D My school is off at the moment, so I have had a lot of time to work on cosplays! And it's driving me nuts by now.. Being locked in your room, is only fun the first three weeks... seriously. 
BUT luckily I have amazing friends who occasionally have come over and kept me company, and I have been out of the room.. a few... times... To get food... Yes. 

No actually, last weekend I was at a party at Le Mustache house - which was totally great<3 We had a fun time drinking and being silly :D It was a themed party, and I decided to go as an elve.. thing x'D 
  Scary thing was, I was writing with my good friend Lavi while doing my make up, and right as I was putting my ears on, she announced that she was going for an elve look as well.... We think too much a like! ... I look so naked in that damn picture >:C
Heres a not naked BD With the hair done too!

Other than making WCS cosplay - ... Have I even talked about WCS here? I don't think so oo Shame on me! ... That, will be another time XD 
Anyway, besides making those cosplays, I have been on a huge Disney hype.. same time as last year, maybe it's a winter/spring thing? Anyway, I'm so excited about Disney, and I have like a hundred costumes I want to make from there *q* Oh money, Y U NO HERE?

I wish I could show some of the things I have been working on.. But they secret.. So.. Sorry BD

ANYWAY - Hope it won't take me that long to write here again! .. Actually I know it won't, cause it's my birthday on friday.. So I will be showing of presents - HUR!


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