søndag den 8. januar 2012

School work

You know that feeling, when you are supposed to be doing something.. and all you found yourself doing, is everything else? 
At this moment I am supposed to be writing on my school project, and I just can't... XD I want to be done, but at the same time I want this project to be as good as it can be, which means I don't want to just write something.. So I end up doing nothing about it..

But well... Then I will just write here - HA. So I will show you guys what I am doing right now for the project.
I am working on a dress, and right now drawing my process of the pattern I made, and how I developed it. It doesn't really make sense for you guys I think, but I felt like sharing it anyway XD The few writings on it is in danish, sorry about that but well... I AM a dane after all x'D The parts with red stripes is to be removed, and you can see in the next picture how that turned out (;

And this should end up as a dress that looks like this:
(Left is front and right is back)

So, this was it for my escape from actually working on the stuff.. Once I am done with all of this, I will get started on cosplays - can't wait! Will get started on first costume set for the WCS very soon, wuuh!

Until next time, Allon-sy~

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