tirsdag den 6. september 2011

Lights, music, curtain – Action.

Words, whispered with excitement and joy, as you open your eyes and get yourself ready to be taken in. Taken in, be it by words, music, dance or just silence you are about to watch. Be it at the movies, or at a theatre play..
Even when I was young, I was enchanted by those on stage.. Those who were able to tell me an emotion with a few words, a hand gesture or even just a look in the eyes. My love for watching plays and movies has over the years grown and I admire the people behind it more and more. To think, that some are able to reach out trough a screen or across the scene, and touch a complete strangers heart.. What a gift and talent.
One of these talents, that properly in the end has the biggest impact on me, is Dirch Hartvig Passer. Since I remember I have watched the sketches he has done, listened to his songs and watched his movies over and over again. The man never seized to amaze me, as he could make everybody laugh with such joy. Often I would try to impersonate him as younger. I studied how he moved, how his facial expressions went and even the way he talked. I wanted to have his gift, of making people laugh and be happy. A silly thing really, being prepared to make a complete fool out of yourself, just to get some cheap laughs..

The reason for me to be writing this, is because I just got home from watching the film that has been made about him. “Dirch”. It showed some of his life with the shows, his lack of confidence within and some of the most tragic things that happened to him. I knew the story of him before watching the film, but it still broke my heart to pieces. Nikolaj Lie Kaas who portrayed him, did such a fantastic job that I can’t even describe it.. As well as every other actor in this movie. 
I am happy that I read one of Dirchs ex wifes saying, that the movie was more dramatic than what actually happened, before watching the movie. Cause had I not, I would properly be even more sad about it.
But despite seeing all of this, I still admire him. I still think he was the most wonderful actor, and I don’t think I will ever see someone I can compare to him.

The movie is heartbreaking amazing, and I really hope I will be able to see it once more.

I don’t know if any of this makes sense, I hope it did.. just a bit.

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