tirsdag den 13. september 2011

J-pop progress

Okay.. First of all, the reason I have been hesitating to show what costume I am making for this years J-popcon cosplayshow, is that I am afraid that people will expect a great deal from me.. But now I just kinda thought: Screw it BD 
And just let you people know that I am in no way a pro, so I am just doing my best and having fun with it<3 
So without further ado; 

Here is my character for this years cosplayshow! She's a female warlock/Elementalist from the game "Granado Espada".
I chose her, because I really love the idea of a character that can control magic and elements~

 I am going to perform with Yoshu (Oh what a chock huh? X'D) but I don't know if she wants to show her character, so I won't get further into that >3


We started on the costumes about.. 2-3 weeks ago I think we were on our first trip of spend-all-your-money BD I have gotten pretty far with mine, and is fairly satisfied! 

This is how far I have gotten with my "shirt"/"top" ^^ I need to make the sleeves, some finishing touches to the collar and get gold buttons and chains on the white part in the front (: And yes, it's hard to get it to stay on the hanger, so it makes it look pretty ugly x'D


This is the skirt before I got it trimmed, and the shirt as it looked a while ago x'D And yes the flower was highly needed, I make the most horrible faces when taking a picture. Oh you can see my shoes for the costumes, in the horrible mess by my feet... Yes sir.

Beside this, I have been helping out Yoshu a bit with hers, and then I am working on the necklace for her costume right now, as I couldn't resist it... I love pearls ;w; So shiny.
Oh and then stones for some of my jewelry~

Oh and yesterday we got signed up for the show<3 Now we just need to make the soundtrack and script, then we are good to go~

Hope you people out there is enjoying life!

6 kommentarer:

  1. I bet it's gonna be awesome looking! =D

  2. ooh samie it looks so good *w* I really hope I will get money enough to get to J-popcon this year so I can see the awesome costumes irl owo.

  3. It looks SO amazing!! I absolutely love the top. It's out of this world!! <3 Can't wait to see it for real!!

  4. It looks amazing! I can't wait to see your costumes and skit irl! I'm sure of this is going to be great <3!

  5. oh god, BIG thank you! All of your comments makes me so happy >//< <3

  6. Waow it looks amazing Samie! I can't believe how great it looks! Woa!