søndag den 14. august 2011

Listening to: Nothing Else Matters
Drinking: Watter
Obsession: Calm music

So on my dA I wrote some of my recent thoughts down, and it dawned on my that I've never really used this blog for it's original idea: Replacing dA for the weird journals. 
I hadn't thought this just to be a cosplay blog, but then I began to wonder if that was the only reason people was reading this s*** and therefore didn't really post any everyday stuff here.. And THEN I thought, well screw what people want to read, I should write what I want to!

And then I didn't do it anyway. 

Ahahahaaaa.. 8D

I am for once trying to make my own design here on the blog, so I don't have to disturb my friend Lavi for making one again..
I LOVE the other ones she has made for me, don't get me wrong here! I am just the kind of persons who changes these sorts of things very often.. goes with my mind I guess. 
But sadly, I suck so badly at these things! OTL So it will look like crap for a while, until I figure out how I want it to look!

Oh and yesterday I was in Malmö for the first time ever. Such a sweet town! It was very inspirational, and gave me an urge to study more Danish and Swedish history X'D 
And I had a very yummy lunch! ... Yes I have joined the "Taking pictures of your food" club... No okay that's a lie... I have been a member for years, but only came out with it now!
Besides getting food, the only thing I bought was two small shelfs, so I could get my nerdy things op on my wall!
Right now theres Susans horn from "Narnia" on one of them, and lordy lord Voldemorts wand on the other~
(And a postcard I got from my dear friend Emi when she was in Italy<3)

That's it for this time!


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