torsdag den 14. juli 2011

Holiday time~

Long time no see folks! 

So some different things has been going on, and the reason why I haven't posted anything in a while, is simple.. I didn't feel like I had anything interesting to post. 
I still don't think that, but what the heck, now I am doing it anyway! After all, this is my blog ;)

To start on the cosplay front, I am still working on Gothel - facing some pain in the ass problems - but fighting for it! I had a few days where I really considered just to quit it, but.. I got to my senses, and she now on the table again - yay! Hope to be done with her by the end of this week... What? I said hope! 

Other than Gothel, I don't actually now what I'm working on.. or I do, but it's hard to explain x'D I am working on a Bill Weasley cosplay that I am fairly sure will be used at Genki-con friday^^ Saturday will be Gothel day and sunday.. well.. yaerh sunday I don't have anything planned yet.. So there lyes the problem. What the hell am I gonna cosplay sunday at Genki x'D If I have the time to make it, I'll maybe be doing a version of Yuuko from XXXHolic, that isn't one of her big ass-kicking costumes! But one that I think is adorable.

I - of course *grint* - have more projects going on than the ones for Genki.. One of them being a self designed costume, for one of my OC's, for which the belt I showed in a former post showed is ^^ 
And here I'll now show you some more for that costume, a gun that isn't fully done yet! Oh and how my room looks like when I work on stuff xD
I like where it's going so far!

So, when I find out where I have hidden all of my Gothel progress pictures, I'll make a post with them! 

So yesterday I went to the cinema to watch the last of the Potter movies, "Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows part2" and boy... I wasn't disappointed! It was a perfect ending for the fantastic movies, and heartbreaking books. Of course there was some things I could have seen done differently, but I loved it.. I truly did! It almost had me cry, and I was with the characters all the way.
It absolutely tore my heart apart watching Hogwarts getting destroyed.. it really did. 

Besides having a fantastic movie experience, I also had a great evening with Lavi, Yoshu, Lolo and Alfredo! We had the most horrible dinner at an Italian restaurant, but we were enjoying ourselves so much, that it didn't bother us at all. It was great meeting Alfredo, and he actually survived the whole evening with three sobbing Potter fans :D


So.. that's all from me for this time, hope to have more to tell soon!

Until then, Allonsy~!

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful night, and I can totally agree with your thoughts about the last part of Harry Potter. And good luck with Gothel and your OC project xD