søndag den 15. maj 2011

SVS con Act

Oh hello!

So here we are, a week after SVS and it already feels like it's been a half year... My brain truly works in its own way!
But here we have the act that my group and I performed with at the con, I really like it<3
The video will be down at the end of this post^^ 


On another note, I was out on a photoshoot this friday as a photographer with the lovely Zaki and Yono <3 And alsot attending was Lavi and Sørine, it was so nice to see all of those girls again!
You can see more of the photos
:: HERE ::


~Enjoy life~

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  1. Virkelig fedt cosplay, rigtig godt lavet og fortalt! Glæder mig til at se flere cosplay fra dig xD