tirsdag den 24. maj 2011

Healthy soul

I LOVE getting packages. Seriously, sometimes I wonder if that's the only reason I cosplay. A ha ha ha - no seriously.

No, see what I found when I came home!
I love being healthy. HERP DERP.
I'll share it with my friends this weekend~


I have also started on my next projects that are.. kind of a surprise XD So I can't tell you what it's for, but I can show what I have made so far!

Feeling inspired by the amazingly talented Lavi's belt, for her Flynn Cosplay I just had to try and make one for myself, and she was so kind to guide me with it!

First pictures shows the belt with holes, and no colour yet. 
Second and third is in the progress of painting, and the finished colour.
Forth picture is a comparison of how the belt looked when I bought it, and how it looked when I was done painting!
And last, how the finished look is with the buckle - that I totally copycatted from Lavi, sorry dear XD - and the edges sewn!
Sewing the edges... took... SO long! I watched Narnia twice... and got half of the belt done OTL; 
But I really like the outcome, and I can't wait to have this cosplay finished - MUHA!

~Enjoy life~

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