mandag den 2. januar 2012

Looking back! 

YES. As so many others, I will try and write about 2011 and what it has meant to me.. Cause this has truly been a crazy year. 

This will be a long rant, and most likely only interesting for myself.. Ye be warned!

The year started rough with my uncle getting a heart attack, which had huge impact on the mood in my household cause my normally so cheery father was very sad and stressed, as you can imagine when ones older brother suddenly gets a heart attack. We were lucky though, and my uncle is alive and well<3 Just spent Christmas with him as a matter of fact (;

The dark mood at the house effected me a great deal, and I was so, so SO stressed with SVS cosplays and our performance.. I don't think I have stressed that much about something in a VERY long time, and honestly - I will never stress that much about cosplay again. 
Together with Barbara, Yugi and Yoshu we were making costumes from "Beauty and the Beast" and props for our performance and it took so much of my time.. Because I'm a idiot who wants to do everything herself, and help everyone else at the same time OTL 
BUT.. It ended up being amazing and we had so much fun with it<3 We performed and won two prices, "Best act" and "SVS special" which was a huge but pleasant surprise xD
... I have to remake Belles dress to get a photoshoot! 
For SVS I also cosplayed Dolores Umbridge together with my amazing Harry Potter group and oh lord, it was so much fun! All in all, SVS stands as my favourite convention.. Maybe because it resembles being on school trip so much? xD

After SVS came Genki, where I had worked so hard on my Gothel cosplay I was doing together with Lavi and Louise as Flynn and Rapunzel.. It was so fun<3 But again, I have some things that needs to be redone before a photoshoot can be done! 
Genki was a good convention and it was fun for once not perform XD This gave me much more time to enjoy the show and cheer on the amazing acts~ .. But I don't think I will miss out on many performances like that, I just enjoy making skits too much X'D 
We also sad cheering for Team Denmark 2011 - Sørine and Abena, as they were performing in Japan whiles Genki was going on - Go go girls<3!
.. Again a con where I made a bunch of costumes I have no pictures in... DANG IT. 

And then we come to the last convention; J-popcon. 
As always there wasn't much to do at the convention.. but friday we met some of the judges for the Cosplay competition, and we went to the Dealer room THAT KICKED ASS. 
Finally a con where I actually found stuff I wanted - and bought! .. And then lost the next day ;A; ANYWAY.. Saturday was the day of the big show, and cnhjbfweklm... Peoples costumes and performances was so gooood~! It makes me so proud how much Denmark improves every year on the cosplay stage! It was such a perfect day.. I was performing with Yoshu, and we weren't stressed, scared or anything.. Well we were a bit nervous, but that's it xD I loved being on stage, and this is in my opinion my best skit so far.. and we freaking became Team Denmark 2012 with it - OHMAHGODMAN<3 I still can't describe my feelings on this.. It's just cool BD  
Also I got to meet so many fantastic people.. Argh I feel blessed *q* LML. 

And then came Christmas - oh what a sweet month filled with joy and friends<3 As my entire year have been actually.. Getting older is fantastic, as I learn more and more about how I want my life to be! So this year has been the best so far<3

And the year ended in the best way possible, with amazing friends on a great evening - love you guys so much!

So to summon this up; This has been a year were I have met fantastic new people, gotten to know a lot better, developed a great deal and had a hell of a great time<3 

SO... Thus ends my rant of.. rant. 

See you soon >D

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