onsdag den 7. december 2011

Holly Jolly christmas! 

Here in the days of Christmas I had to make some of my fantastic friends some presents, and I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to try and sell some of it :) 
It's earrings and key chains, that you can either commission or choose one that is already done. (I do take the right to say no if what is requested is simply not something I can make) 

The pieces are made out of plastic, and the earring that goes trough your ear is not silver. If that is wanted, the price gets a bit higher, but more of that later!

All the pieces are handmade and drawn.

Interested? Then go read more about it :D
If not... Then... Don't... >:C

The price for a pair of earrings will be 30kr (Inklusive porto) for the Danish people.
For.. Non Danish people the price is 5$ and the shipping will depend on from where you are in the world!

The earring is as mentioned earlier of plastic, and only one side of them has a motive on - the other is a plain white surface.
The piece can be of (almost, I am no wizard! .. Or I can't let you know it at least.) anything you want, something from Harry Potter, Batman, Vocaloid, Black Butler, Super Mario, Doctor Who, Disney - You name it :)
 If you want to commission something, sent me an email with the picture/motive you want and I will let you know if it's something I can make or not. 

Contact: Samieturtle@gmail.com

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