torsdag den 28. april 2011

Cause I shouldn't

I should be working on the last things for SVS or practise....

So I made a hat! (That haves absolutely nothing to do with SVS... HA.)

Made the hat out of some fabric that looks like leather - but isn't WOW magic - and tried to sand the edges to make it look a bit old and used (: 
Then I painted some stripes on some white satin lace I had laying around, bought some awesome feathers and a really cool brosche...thing... don't know what it's called in English XD .. Anyway, bought that from GinaTricot and then BAM.. Slammed it all together.
I really like it actually~

You know what else I like? (Of course not, but it is rather fun saying it)

My ugly Pascal that's who!

 I made him in school without any pictures to go by.. so that's why he is rather... ahem.
But really, I love him XD I made him sad because I am Gothel.. and Pascal can't be with her, and be happy.. Just.. no XD

Hmm.. Since I'm just making this into a random "Look what I have made" entry, I'll show you a shirt I did about a month ago (; 

Oh yes!! It's my dear Doctor Who

I painted it on the shirt by hand, and I honestly think it looks better irl.. And the text is a quote I read online, which I just found to be so true~

As you may or may not know, I love Doctor Who, very much.. It's a show that captured me by total surprise, as I actually used to make fun at it and bash Yoshu for watching it.. But then I got over my stubbornest, sat down and watched it.. and it's really my favourite show..
The special effects can have me laugh at times, but the story in the plots, and all the amazing actors.. there is no describing it, I hold it so very dear

SO, now I will get back to actually be doing the things I should be doing (; 
Enjoy the wonderful spring folks!


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