tirsdag den 18. januar 2011

Updates on cosplay~

So, here I am with an update on what I am working on at the moment, and what I am planning on~

First, I'll show you some of my work with my cosplay from Beauty and the Beast as Belle ^^
I have made the blue dress, all though I think I'll redo the skirt, I'm almost done with the apron and I am also almost done with the inner skirt.. so right now, it looks something like this ^^ The pictue dosn't really show the right coulor of the fabric..
And there's a balloon over my face, because I made a stupid face XD
Also, my wig arrived some few days ago~


The cosplays I am planning on at the moment is Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter and Mother Gothel from Tangled (: (Hurray for crazy old womens!)
I have bought the wig for Gothel, and is looking for one that I can use for Umbridge.. which is nealy impossible! xD


But that was a quick update on what I am doing right now (: 

Samie, over and out~

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  1. ~ Yayy! Samie this is really looking promising!
    =D can't wait to see more of this <3