onsdag den 15. december 2010

Update - like omg really?

So for once, I have actually been working on my blog XD
I suck at codes, websites and all that.. so it's not impresseive in any way.. xDD

BUT.. I thought I would actually make a real blog for once!


So, today I was at my old school to get some papers I need to exchange to another school, from where I am now.. and it was so fun to see some of my old teachers again!
They actually asked alot about my cosplays and how all of that was going.. lolz xD
But I got the papers, and after that I went to the town and bought some stuff for cosplay~ (Do I ever use money on anything else?)
I got some things for my cosplay to the SVScon cosplayshow.. which I can't tell you what is yet! But I am looking so much forward to getting started on it<3 But I can show you my cat modeling in it 8D

I am actually also working on some small parts of my J-popcon costume.. yes, I am early this year!
A bracelet - oh wow..

 I glued all those damn beads on.. it took it's time, but I actually really like how it turned out~


I don't have much else to tell you guys right now.. so..

Samie, over and out~

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