tirsdag den 9. maj 2006

This has been a amazing weekend, thanks to all my friends<3 Not just them at the con itself, but all the friends that helped before with props for our act, helping me with the costumes, and just listening when I was getting whined up.
Thank you, truly from my heart.. I love you all so very much<3

My con really started here. I was so lucky that my school was closed thursday and friday, so I was gulit free not to be there - that's always great!
I actually spent most of my day playing "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" on PS2.. I LOVE IT! Even though, I still had some small things I needed to get done for the con..
Well that's just how things goes sometimes. But I did get everything done, and everything packed - OR SO I THOUGHT... More on this later - and my dad drove me over to Yoshus place, where we got the things packed in my familys tiny little car, to go to Lavi and Lolo's place. Seriously... I say tiny car... And I mean it. XD. 

But we got there, and who greeted us? A beautiful Lolo in her Rapunzel dress! My god... It's just so... *w*!! I love it. I'm proud to have her as my daughter<3 And that wig... Mein god. Well, anyways we got there and got everything out of our little car and to the house. See next day, we were going to drive to Herning by ourselfs, with Lavi and Yoshu as our drivers. None of them had ever had to drive for so long in a car, and especially not without an "adult" with them. But they did so fantasticly good once we where on the road next day, truly you girls rocked<3

In the evening Lavi and I tried to solve the puzzle of packing the car while Lolo sewed the last things for her Ginny Weasly costume for friday. It turned out good, and everything was in place. Thank god for their big car! Without it, it would have been HELL to go to SVS with our big props for the Cosplayshow xD
After the car was packed we just chilled out and had fun talking and trying to go to sleep.. And thus, we go over to Friday.

We got early - that's about 8 - to eat some breakfast and get ourself ready to go. It was nice and calm, and we didn't have any stress~ We were only nervous about forgetting anything! But we got everything ready and we drove off to SVS~ 
It took us about.. three hours I think, though I'm not entirely sure, but it felt like time flew by for Lolo and myself in the backseat, as we just sat there talking and listening to music^^ Once again I say kudos to Yoshu and Lavi, for being able to drive for such a long time, and doing it so well! 

When we got to the hotel, we got the most adorable little suitcase with our keys, information things and so on in! I reeeally wanted to steal it home with me xD And our room was so fantastic! There was good space, a lovely bathroom and of course a lot of great people to share it with<3
Before the others arrived we started changing into Harry Potter cosplay. I was cosplaying Dolores Umbridge, which was a lot of fun xDD But I did envy the others for looking so fantastic~ Lovely girls! 
A picture of me cosplaying with Barbara and Bára as the twins~ They look so fantastic as them! And I am very proud to say, that I can tell them apart!

When all had gotten into costumes we went to the con and just wandered around, meeting friends and seeing the con. In itself, SVS is far from a fantastic con.. there is not much going on in the event section, but it is still so damn awesome.. Maybe it's just because you have that school trip feeling? Anyway, we had tons of fun in our costumes and it was great watching the freestyle show with my friends~ The people rocked the show >D
Here we also found Shinji again, she was staying at the room as well~ She was so beautiful in her Alice dress! 
 Not much else happened Friday, so moving on to the next day.. you guessed it:

Again we got up at a good time - amazing we actually did that all weekend! - and we were just laying about, waiting for the cosplay meeting.. We had agreed to wait with the costumes, to after the meeting, which I'm happy we did XD 
So we took most of our prop with us and went to the meeting.. don't know what people must have been thinking when we brought all that crap XD
But we got there, got started on getting it all together and my bad mood starting kicking in, as it does when I get hungry or nervous.. Luckily Yoshu bought me some food and I didn't kill anybody<3

We went back to the room to change into costumes, which Lavi was VERY happy about XDD, I had to paint Yugi - the beast - before being able to put on my own costume.. so I did my best with her costume, and then went to mine.. which went fine, until I realised that I had forgotten my bow for the apron at home! ;_; I almost started bursting out in tears.. my costume was so "simple" that it really made me sad, that I had forgotten that one little small thing.. But thank god I have some of the most amazing friends.. they bitch slapped me, and helped me make a new bow cause luckily we had some white fabric with us! So we were ready to go~
My fantastic group! Seriously, they look so awesome *w*

What happens between the time of a cosplay meeting and the actual cosplayshow, can be terrible boring.. But luckily, with so many cool people you never get bored! We hang out - cause we are gangsters - in the cosplay hall, admiring the others costumes! And then all of a sudden, it was time for the show to start! 

I wasn't really nervous, but I was feeling sick.. I always do when I have to perform xD We were number 8 going on stage, and wow.. time flew by so fast! I couldn't believe it was us already, and my legs started trembling when we got up on stage.. But everything went fine, and I am sooo proud of how amazing my group was<3 And that Barbara got to change in time! I actually said it on stage while the lights were out... Stupid I know xD But I got back into character before the lights went on, and then I got to kiss the hot prins >D

I was later told that people actually stood up and applauded.... I almost started crying when told that... I got the idea for the act before Christmas, and has pretty much been working on it since, so I can't describe how much it means to me, that people liked it so much!
I also absolutely ADORED almost every act! Especially Ida, Maru, Mona, Lavi and Lolos acts! Eeep!<33 I was just holding my breath, cheering, loving it, being thrilled by it and and...!! .. Okay I loved it, you get the point right? ;D 
And I really loved Tatis act! The dance was really good, and the make up was so..!! LOOVE~ And I almost ruined it... D: Sorry Tati! 

Well all of a sudden the cosplayshow was over, and the judges went out to debate.. We waited for what felt like hooours, but I'm happy it took that long of time, because I gave me the chance to talk to some of the cosplayers from the show, people I have known who was, but never really spoken too.. and they were so sweet and amazing! ;w;<33 I swear, cosplay may have it downsides, but then there is tons of fantastic people to bring it back up!
But well, the judges came back and we were more concentrated on talking - whispering - with the others.. mostly because we had fun, but also because we really couldn't hear anything that got said and we didn't expect to win anything so we didn't pay attention.. and then BAM.... we got called to stage for winning "SVS special" price o___o 

My god... ;w;<33 I was so happy! And SO akward on stage... So we just got quickly down, and then Lavi and Lolo got called up for "Best craft"!! I was even more happy when they won *w* Love those girls with all of my heart.. they deserved the price SO much! 
Then Maru, Mona and Ida won for best music! And I was just praying for Maru to have won the ECG as well, which she did later!
We also got totally shocked... Suddenly Mara tapped me on the shoulder and said I had to go on stage... I looked weird at her asking what the hell she was talking about XD; But suddenly I got pulled up by the others, and we had freaking won another award.... I hadn't heard what it was, so I had to ask Sørine and Karina on stage XDD it was the price for "Best Act" ... Yoshu started crying tears of joy, and I was - if possible - even more akward on stage this time.. I still can't beleive we won the prices... ;w;<33 All thanks to my wonderful group<3

All who won truly deserved it, and I can't wait for someone to put the acts on zhe Youtube XD!

Well.. the night was over and we got to bed! (This blog is getting too long!)

There is not much to say about sunday.. The twins and Lavi was in their Harry Potter cosplay, and the rest of us was just civilian XD We talked with our friends and took of quite early.. and thus, ended SVS con 2011! It was a great experience, and I hope to see you guys again next year!<3

(If anyone has read the hole thing, they get a price of.. being able to stay awake.. hur!)

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  1. Hannah aka Hanako9. maj 2011 kl. 09.51

    HARHAR i get a prize for reading it AAAAAALL... huurr.. and no...even though i'm so damn tired i didn't fall asleep, cuz sweety, i were really really wondering what the hell you have been doing all the time since i couldn't find you D: i was SO excited about seeing you as Dolores Umbrigde...but i didn't D: *sigh* i think i'll just try and live with that, you evul thang!....anyways...i'm glad you had a great time ^^ u have to know that you and tati have a special place in my heart...i look so much up to you guys, great personalities and amazing cosplays...omg i'm writing to damn much....Geh...i love you Samie i do, i really, really hope to meet you for real one day... *hugs*
    -Hannah Schmidt (i'm the one who was almost crying when you got your prizes :3)

  2. I was almost about to cry when I read about all those prices. I wish I could have seen it. It sounds so amazing, and I already know now just how much you deserved all of them <3

  3. It really sounds like it have been a blast of a con with lots of cosyness. Im so sad that I wasnt able to be there ( or well. I were I found out at like.. 11 am but I didnt though I would have a chance for finding a place to sleep for the con so stayed home and used the money on some other things ^^; )

    But a big congratulations with the prices, wish I could have sen the act irl, bu wth.. Just gotta see it on youtube * should have kinda gotten used to that by now * __ __"

    But ya I hope we'll see each other soon. <3

  4. All your effort and hard work was rewarded, and that with prices on paper, and in cash. ;)
    You should know that to have followed you in this process, and then see you all on stage receiving the applause - and yeah I saw the audience stand up too - I really had to fight back for not ruining my make-up XD

    It was great to share this con so close in your company <3 You are one hell of an amazing girl.