fredag den 28. april 2006

Finnished Costumes

I have a lot of unfinished cosplays, or some I don't even have pictures of. I would love to be able to have a full list on here, with all my costumes, but truth to be told I don't want to show it all, and some of it I don't have pictures of.. However, I will try to keep it in order, and have numbers on them. 

Every costume is different to me, some I love and some I hate, but that is life :)


Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Character: Belle
Cosplay number: 16
Used at: Going to be debuted at SVS-con 2011

Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character: Viking Denmark
Cosplay number:  15
Used at: Photoshoot

Game: Kingdom Hearts 2 - Halloween Town
Character: Halloween Saïx
Cosplay number: 14
Used at: Halloween 2010 ::VIDEO::
Series: Pandora Hearts
Character: Vincent Nightray
Cosplay number:12
Used at: ::VIDEO::

Manga: 2 Steps behind the Servant
Character: Gio 
Cosplay number: 11
Used at: J-pop con 2010

Series: Soul Eater
Character: Doctor Frank'n Stein
Cosplay number: 10
Used at: Genki 2010
Won: Alpha Omega price for this::ACT:: with Tati <3

Series: Kuroshitsuji
Character: Sebastian Michaelis
Cosplay number: 9
Used at: :: VIDEO::

Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character: Denmark
Cosplay number: 8
Used at: SVS-con 2010
Won: Best laugh ::ACT:: with Mara and Yoshu <3

Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Character: Dino Cavallone
Cosplay Number: 7
Used at: Hanami 2010


Series: Gravitation
Character: Taki
Cosplay number: 6
Used at: Photoshoot 2009

 Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character: Roderich / Austria
Cosplay number: 4
Used at: J-pop con 2009

 Series: Vampire Knight
Character: Kaname Kuran
Cosplay number: 3
Used at: Genki 2009 and ::VIDEO::

Game: Kingdom Hearts 2
Character: Saïx
Cosplay number: 2
Used at: SVS-con 2009

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